Title Search on Net Mineral Acreage

The offer in the form of a paid-up lease with a bank draft indicates that they can adjust the amount of the actual acres dependent on their searching my ownership to establish that in fact I hold a certain number of net acres. The title of the lease itself has me puzzled because if I do accept the offer, even though I am signing the lease which indicates that payment is being made, in my mind, it actually is not and they have a 60-day window in which to determine the above. I brought the documents to my bank and they are insisting on keeping all of the original documentation until such time I guess that they get indication from the Lessee of the actual money to paid. Is this practice the norm in this type of transaction? Additionally, the way they presented my name is incorrect and am wondering how it can be corrected to reflect my correct name. They say they would issue an amended lease and am wondering if this can be done at that time. Any information that can be provided will be very helpful to me. Thanks!