Title Requirements for the sale of minerals in Oklahoma

History: A family member left me mineral rights that were named in her living trust. I am the trustee of the living trust. I used this documentation to transfer the mineral deed to my name. All documents were sent to McClain County Courthouse and they used this to issue the new mineral deed in my name. They also required her death certificate. I receive royalties.

Question: Is this sufficient to fulfill the requirements for verifying the title in the event I decide to sell my minerals?

I live in California.

Thank you.

Based, solely, on what you put here, you should be in good shape. But, one would need to look at how it got into the family member, and the Mineral Deed.

Any reputable party purchasing minerals (with any substantial value) will be running title in order to satisfy themselves of what it is they are about to pay for.

Further, knowledgeable sellers understand that in most instances, a special warranty will suffice with respect to warranty language from a Grantor.

The deed to yourself created title to the property. Unlike automobiles the County does not issue a new mineral deed in your name.

Assuming that your aunt had title and the Trust conveyances were properly done you should have title to the minerals. If there is any gap or cloud in title the buyer will know.

Never deliver a lease or title unless you have a check (not a draft) in hand.