Titanium Energy, LLC

Anyone know about Titanium Energy, LLC? First some of our siblings got offers to purchase minerals in the section listed above. Wondering if they are just flippers of wanting to participate or invest. We didn’t receive a letter yet but today received papers for “relief sought” for a "multi unit: well to be drilled in sections 29 and 32 of 4n 3 w. Casillas is to be the operator. Ah ha so that’s the reason for the recent offers! I thought/hoped so! All of us only have a 1/8 overriding interest because of an old well holding it with production so our offer probably would not be as much without negotiation anyway.

Watch your mail. More than one well coming.
image Sierra wells

Yes, thanks for the information! New papers we received talks of 3 new wells. Is that what you are seeing on the map?

M., I can’t see the map well enough to read it. I believe the papers said the 3 new wells are going to the Goddard zone. It that were the first Sierra well went to? I’m hoping these new wells make more oil than gas. Having a little less than 15 acres and only 1/8 over ridding interest and the well making mainly gas our checks have been pretty small except for the one or two months that gas really went up but back down now.

Original Sierra 1-32-20WXH was in the Woodford (Hint-W in the name, but I confirmed on the completion report.)

The Increased Density case will have estimates of the reserves in the Goddard. The case in 2023-000832 and the hearing is supposed to be 3/27/2023. That should give a better feel for oil and gas.