Timing of royalty payments?

A lease was signed in August 2018, first sales were in November 2018. Division Orders have not been received yet. When they are received, usually how long after that can royalty payments be expected?

The answer depends upon what state you are in. Please post the state, county and location.

McClain County, OK 1208N04W
Just curious if there will be any payments before end of year.

Most of the time, the operator will not pay until DO’s are sent out & returned. Sometimes they will make payments if they already have your tax ID #. At this late date, I doubt you get any revenue on these wells until the new year.

Good Luck Todd M Baker

Given that the well had first sales 11/2/18, they are six months behind on paying. EOG is really late on their division orders this year. Be sure and demand interest when you finally get the Division Order. You can call EOG and see if they are going to pay out this year or not.

Thank You for your help. I did send them a letter in July and have received a response.

Thank You for your response.