Timing of completion report

There is a horizontal well on the pooled section (S23-18N-5W), with a notification of a August 5 spud (form 1001A). The operating company is Staghorn Pet. Does anyone know when news of the completion will be released? How much time does the operator have between finishing the drilling and reporting the results. There is a lot of activity by landmen in trying to lease additional property in the area and knowledge of the success or lack thereof would be helpful in any negotiation. Of course it is in Staghorn's interest to minimize the amoung of info that is released so what are the rules??

It takes about three months to drill and complete. Generally, they will post the completion in the OCC about four-five months after that. they must start paying you by six months after first sales, or they owe interest. In some states, they can hold the well completion confidential for about two years.

I guess if one needs current information you have to have a working interest in the well. Thanks for your response -- you always seem to have the best answers!!