Timeline for well completion API 073-25575

Chisholm spudded in their Engle 18-05-35 1H on June 16, 2017. Cementing was also on June 16; however, the report (1002C) to Ok Corp Comm. was dated October 10. Since the well was spudded in in mid-June, the digging no doubt has been completed. My curiosity caused me to visit the well site in late Sept and I was greeted with the beautiful sight of a fully developed production area (4 product tanks, compressor, pumps, etc). The installed surface equipment appeared to be identical to Chisholm's installation at one of their successful wells at 23 18N 05W allowing one to assume that the Engle well is also successful. Is it normal to have a company spend this kind of money and not produce the well? The PUN report indicated that their start date for 2% tax rate is 08/17 but there is no reported deliveries. My overall question is how do I interpret my observations and reported data? Are they waiting for higher prices or ?????????

Hi Archie.

Any well Chisholm drills in the area will be set up with the same (probably exact, or nearly so) production battery. In fact, the production equipment will all be set before the well is even ready to produce, so that they aren't waiting on facilities when it's time for first sales.

Yes, the digging is over, because the drilling rig is gone. If you don't see a 1002A (only a 1002C) on the OCC website, another sneaky solution would be for you to search FracFocus' website for the well's API number. You'll need to add a "35" to make it a 10-digit number. If you find a FracFocus report on the well, then it's been fracked. If it has been fracked, it is producing.

The OTC will show production before anyone else, but August is still probably too recent. You'll see the first months production (at least gas) by November or December if it was indeed completed in August.

Great info --the OCC site is back online but still no 1002a. I did go to the FracFocus website and found the frac job for subject well finished on 7-31. I was surprised by the fact that no HCl was in the frac fluid. Thanks for the direction. I at least know Chisolm attempted to do something.