Timeline for new well completion

I hold mineral rights in Canadian County, OK and have been told Red Bluffs, the lessor, has commenced drilling. How am I able to track when drilling begins? whether the well is successful or abandoned? When royalty payments may begin? Thanks for any assistance.

You can track the official progress on the well at the OCC Well Record site by using the surface location of the well. Use a leading zero if needed in the location box. Test

Form 1000 permit Form 1001A Spud (date well starts drilling) Form 1002A Completion report Survey -the well bore survey of where the well was actually drilled.

The completion report will be late by four-six months. It will tell the status of success or not.

I use the OK Tax site to watch for the “active” date as it is usually quite close to the first sales date. Royalty payments are due (by statute) six months after first sales. (That might slide a bit if the well’s first sales date misses the check cut date of the company.) If you have clear title and they are late, you can claim 12% interest.

A rough guideline is three - four months drilling and completion time for a one section horizontal well. For a two section well, it takes about four-five months to drill and complete.

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Hello M Barnes,

First, thanks for your thorough response.

I have tried selecting Form 1001A.
The mineral acres I hold are in Canadian County, OK -Section 29, T14N-RO5W - so,for the Legal Location, do I enter “02914N5WECM”?

I do not think I have the other info requested for the form. I have only the original leases. I do not have any other data regarding the well. I have been “told” by a relative who lives near this location (I live out of state) and also owns mineral acres in section 29 that a well was completed several months ago - but he does not know details yet.

Should I be able to access Well Record data with my current limited info? OR do I need to be patient and wait until I receive more data?

Thanks again.


only put 2914N05W, not the ECM and make sure you use a leading zero in front of the 5. Don’t use an “O” alpha.

Better if you use the legal location and then you can see all the forms and all the other wells in the section.
Leon Treece 2-29MH was spud 11/1/18. You won’t see a completion for about another four months.

However, you can see that it is active on the Gross Production Tax site as of 1/25/19. Division orders should come out in June or so.

Gross Production

This is very helpful, M Barnes. Does Eff/Test Date = date drilling began? Does Scan Date = date production began? Thanks again. Ted

The spud date is the date that the well starts drilling. That is listed on form 1001A. The date production begins is usually found on the completion form which is 1002A. First sales is the important date. Scan date is just the day that the document was entered into the system. The active date on the Gross Production site is usually pretty close to first sales.