Time from Division Order to 1st Royalty Payment for XTO Horizontal Wells

I have read accounts where people have had trouble getting interest on oil royalties that were paid by XTO more than 6 months after production started.

I received and signed division order for XTO horizontal pool lease in Martin Co in August. I was told by my cousin who talked to XTO Land Man that oil production for these wells started flowing in August. I have seen significant disruption in our vertical well production in prior months to last paid production month of June 2018. Of course there is no updated completion status on TXRRC for these wells or Lease Number assigned yet; that doesn’t mean much since I have seen 4-6mo lag times for TXRRC posting this status for other leases after the fact.

Does anyone have any experience with XTO on when first royalties were typically received after completing the division order?

You might want to post this in Martin County group also.

Hi Tenniesson,

What is the legal description of your property. I may be able to look it up through Drilling Info. However, DI gets their info from TXRRC so I may only be able to see what you are seeing on the the TXRRC website. But its worth a shot. Well name will also be helpful.