Time frame regarding contracts

Hello all,

Some time ago I was contacted about mineral rights in Harrison County and began the process of leasing my rights to CNX/Consul.

Before I was able to secure a contract, my son and only child was diagnosed with cancer and within the year passed away at the age of 26. My mineral rights were the last thing on my mind for the past year and more.

My question is, is CNX/Consul required to honor a contract initially dated Jan 2015 and not signed by me until Nov 2016? Are they bound at all to honor that agreement at this late date? I have attempted to contact both people I had dealt with and neither will return my calls, emails or messages. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


Nancy, if you had signed and returned the lease at the time they could have thrown it in the trash, unless they had already signed it, which I assure you is extremely unlikely they would send you a lease they had already executed.

So the answer is no.