Time Before Announcement of Production?

My family has a quarter in Alfalfa Co. and I know the well was just completed May 10th. I'm fairly certain the companies utilize a 30 day average to estimate initial production. We are two weeks past this point so my question- how long does it take before they have to report production to the state and then posted in a major state publication?

Who are you leased with and what is the name of the well?

Sandridge- Roberta 2909. Called the state O&G Dept. yesterday, they said the energy companies have 30 days (although they let it slide a bit and usually by 45 days) to submit production data.. so we should know any day now I guess.

I am curious on another situation- odd but we were the last section to be drilled on in our township. Reasoning was that Cheasapeake had a better majority of the leases on our section than Sandridge. Sandridge (which had the infastructure in place within our township, Cheasapeake had a slight amount) purchased the other leases from Cheasapeake last Fall, so that drilling could start. I heard we were the only section in our township that Cheasapeake had this kind of majority. Would this be accurate and if so why?

The estimate for initial production on completion report is more like an 8 hr. test X 3 for a 24 hr. estimate . I pay for a web site that gives production information The production for Feb. 2013 is just now available It was hard to get from Ok. Corp. Comm. which has gas only . Or from Ok. Tax. Comm. which has oil & gas , but you must have an interest in the well and pay a small fee. The production for Feb. 2013 is just now available . I have seen some go a year or more before completion report is filed. Where is the well located ?

34-29N-09N Just received the initial test results and not very good- 27 oil/66 gas. Katy-corner to NW & SE both had decent wells, roughly 180s oil/over 400s gas but directly east and NE had production of about what we tested. The gentleman I spoke to with Community Service (Oil & Gas/State) did say there was a lot of saltwater that came up in the test, almost 2000, and usually that reduces when the well goes into production and the numbers go up fairly decent. Of course still probably wouldn't even double the test numbers I wouldn't think. Think first lady I spoke with in Oil & Gas Production said that they tested June 8th.

To clarify, saltwater would go down quite a bit when into full production which when it's siphoned off usually increase the oil and gas volumes..

The "old way" was to do a test of a few hours to up to a 24 hour test. But the more reliable figure these days seems to rely upon calling the IP (Initial Production) based on the first months production รท by the days of the month.

When you open up an unconventional well, there is usually a lot of produced frack fluids and formation water along with the gas and the ratio is higher gas to oil than after production begins to normalize. Oil molecules are larger than gas molecules and arrive at the borehole slower. To determine the expected ultimate recovery (EUR) may take a minimum of a year's production data. And it is that ultimate recovery that matters. OTOH, there is statistically a relationship between the IP and the EUR. In other words, the higher the IP, the higher the EUR will likely be in the end.