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Three new drilling permits this week for Tillman County on the OCC site. Fulcrum Exploration applied for 2 permits on the City land at the airport and Red River applied for one just South of the airport.


Sorry to hear about the problems with your operator. Sounds like a real bad mess. Might get worse before it gets better. Maybe some other oil company will take over. Good luck.

Clint Liles

I have an offer to lease my farm in the southwest corner of Tillman County Okla.The offer is $204/acre, 5 yrs./3/16 royalty. Would appreciate any input as to whether this is a reasonable offer. Yhanks and glad to be a new member. Hope I can contribute to the group.

Jacque Crass

5 years is too long and you can do better than 3/16. Keep negoiating.

I know people in Tillman County that have gotten 2 years and 1/5.

I was able to scrape the Tulsa paper into a comma delimited file.

"2010-12-27,COMPLETONS,Tillman,AC Operating Co. LLC,Thomas Gaines,No. 1A,SW/4 NE/4 SW/4 SE/4,02-03S-19W,55,,,4930"
"2010-12-27,COMPLETONS,Washita,Chesapeake Operating Inc.,Joshua 16-11-17,No. 2H,NE/4 SW/4 NW/4 NE/4 (BHL),16-11N-17W,175, 3,3062,17290"

2010-12-28,INTENT TO DRILL,Payne,Truevine Operating LLC,Gates,No. 3-12H,NE/4 NW/4 SE/4 NE/4 (BHL),12-18N-02E,8002


Jacque, where is your farm actually located. It might be in the area I live in.

I was born in Frederick and my grandparents and relatives have owned property throughout much of the areas southeast and west of Frederick and Davidson.

I am interested in finding someone to do some light discovery on deeds in that county. Contact me or post me a name. No attorneys or title companies please.

Thank You Susie!

Clint Liles just called me. Don't click on the previous site. I MISPELLED it and inappropriate content comes up!!!! So sorry!!


Try this site!!

Own mineral rights in the completed Gaines # 1 well 12/27/12. I understand another well will be drilled in the 1st Qtr 2013. any confirmation. Thanks,William Robb

My grandfather had about 5 quarters southwest of Frederick. I would like to engage a local to do some research on deeds. Abstract or title background would be helpful.

Richard I am no expert but since no one else has replied I will try. As far as I know Crawford Abstract and Title is the only title company in town. Their phone is 580-335-3211. Also some time back I needed a deed on my place and called Tillman county Clerks Office. Their phone is 5800335-3421. Hope this helps.


Thanks for the input. I had contacted the Clerks office and they have no one on record for this service. I contacted Crawford Abstract and they have a decent fee for an ownership search which i used. My grandfather had 3 - 80's and 3 - Quarters southwest of Frederick. I am waiting for the search and records to verify.


Ric W.

I will be in court on May 13th in Frederick for the completion of probate at 11 am. Our son will be with me. Could someone please direct us to Gaines 1A well. Legal W/2SE/4 of section 2-3S-19W. Thanks for your help. William Robb

Yes I’ll be happy to give you directions or would be willing to meet you and take you there. Let me know

That would be great and I would like to meet you.

Okay just let me know a little closer to time.

Thanks Craig, will do

Is there any drilling activity north of Frederick in the Manitou area?