Throw royalty owners under the bus

I am very concerned about the following excerpt from a forum in today’s Daily Ardmoreite: SENATE Continued from Page [ 1A ]

Question 1. Gross Production Tax is a critical issue in Southern Oklahoma. With increased revenue passed last session and better than anticipated returns, many suggest additional increases to GPT will help address state funding. What are your thoughts on this?

Simpson: “I’m very cautious about raising gross production taxes any higher,” Simpson said, adding that while some advocate for a rate of as much as seven percent, he feels the current rate of five percent is a fair, even place to allow companies to profit and citizens to benefit from production in the state. He said he believes raising GPT any higher would punish productivity.

Arledge: Arledge said that while he thinks the current GPT rate of five percent was an appropriate amount for the first 36 months, he is comfortable with allowing the GPT to increase to seven percent. He pointed out that while Carter County has historically relied on oil and gas production revenues, it is a non-renewable resource and the area should work toward diversifying the economy.

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I’m so confused over this. I haven’t heard from anyone I called like the letter said. Atty Books from Echo never called me back but requested I responded within 20 days. Oct 1 is gone I’m guessing court is over. I just left a high school mate of mine which is an Atty. In Arkansas not Oklahoma. She requested I get a copy of my contacts agreement from Lin energy or who ever has it Echo?? I’m trying to comply.

TG-What document are you talking about? I am assuming from the 20 days comment that it is a pooling order. There should be a case number in the upper right hand corner and possibly an order number right under it. Share the number and then we can explain a bit more.

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Cause CD NO 201803681-682-637 and 638.

201803681 is for permission to drill a multiunit horizontal well in Sec 2 and the N/2 of sec 11. They want spacing for the Sycamore in sec 2 and N/2 of 11. The map of well is on the last page. The 637 case is asking for the spacing for the Sycamore.

201803682 is asking for a Woodford well to go completely through sec 2 & 11. The map is on the last page of the 682 case. The 638 case is asking for the spacing of the Woodford.

You do not have to do anything with these cases. They are just regulatory.
If you are not leased, then you need to watch for the pooling case which will come later. That is the one that has a 20 day limit. That is case 201803685. The hearing date is supposed to be Nov 1. I do not see your name on it. Are you already leased?

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I’m not sure if I am I called Books office and got no reply. How do I get on the pooling list?? I don’t have a 80385.

I used to get royalties from Lin Energy when they were in business. Is it done automatically??

If you are currently leased with a new lease or in the secondary term of an old lease due to production, you will not be on the pooling list. Linn has merged with another company and is now called Roan. They are in transition, so some payments seem to be late (including mine). If you tell me the well and the Section, township and range (2 or 11), I can look it up for you and see if it is still online.

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Sec 11, township 2 south, range 3 west. Sec 2 & the N/2 of sec 11, township 2 s, R 3 West.

Depending upon where you are in 2, there is an active well. 11 has several active wells. One in the north half.

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Well that’s all the legal description states. Unless your taking about like the Woodford or Sycamore words in the request