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Curious about any new activity inThrockmorton County.

I am also interested in learning anything about activity in the area, what oil firms people have dealt with there, and especially what exploration lease terms and rates are typical for the area. My siblings and I have recently inherited shares of mineral rights and are more clueless than run-over armadillos.

Does anyone know what lease rates are in the area?

Has any one heard of a oil co. Called North Texas Oil & Gas LLC They are out of Edmond Ok. They have taking over a lease of mine. any info would be welcome. you can go to this web page and put in the info. and pull up all the drilling permits going on in the county you choose and the date range you want to look at. most of all the permits are north and west of Throckmorton.

The Abilene paper also carries Throckmorton permits and completions, although not as complete as the RRC.

Does anybody know if any seismic going on around Murray Texas, Young and Throckmorton county line?

I own some mineral acreage in Sec 232, Abstract 1149. I receive occasional royalty checks from Cooper and Phillips 66. I see on the RRC GIS Viewer that all the wells there are dry or caped and a single permitted well. How am I getting paid for non-operating wells (not to complain!)? What is the value of my minerals there?

Susan are you pooled with the other wells in your area?

Dennis, I have no idea whether it's pooled or not. I don't recall any notice to that effect.


is the lease # on your check stubs 11167 or 11468 or 11110 or 28084?

Clint Liles


I don't see a lease # on my statement or stub but the wells in question are the King "F" and the King H C "E". What does the future look like for those properties?


I only see one producing well from what I gather from the GIS Map. Well 447-30295/Lease ID 11167/Cooper Oil and Gas, LLC/King E/Producing well from Caddo Formation/Well completed on December 13, 1970.

Link to Production Data on well 30295:|2=07|3=2016|4=06|5=2017|103=11167|6=O|102=7B|8=specificlease|204=district|9=dispdetails|10=0

All I can tell you is there is oil here and if and when the price goes back up there could be activity in the area.////long lasting wells for sure.

GIS Map of Throckmorton County Section 232/A-1149:


Clint Liles

Thanks Clint.

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