Three test wells being drilled in Rosebud County in 2019

Alta Vista from Wyo. has drilled one test well,and is drilling 2 more. They have leased a large area in Rosebud County. Their first test well ,Spider Monkey was drilled and produced over 10000 barrels. in 45 days. Their next two wells,Golden Monkey and Snow Monkey are in the first stages. Spider Monkey is located on 11N34E 9-11,Golden monkey is located on 11N34E 29-32. Snow monkey and Golden monkey are permitted for 15000 fr vertical and 10000 ft horizontal. My family owns interest in about 34000 mineral acres on which we just signed leases. One with Maverick and one with Hoover and Stacy. There are two articles in the last 2 Rocky Mt. gas and oil journals. We signed our leases in August 2019.

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We were just contacted by Hoover and Stacy. Did you have an Oil & Gas Attorney review the contract?

I signed my lease with Hoover and Stacy as a good friend and business man who lives in Cheyenne told me they are trustworthy and he knows them personally. Good enough for me.

We did have an oil and gas attorney make sure everything was ok.We also leased. about 8000 acres to maverick

I never hired an attorney either Hoover and Stacy landman was very informative! How exciting that they have progressed!

We have a small mineral interest in Snow Monkey and are looking for updates and/or projections. Any news?

I have mineral rights very close. T11Nr34E sections 26,27,34,35. Also other sections. I received an offer from BTC very low. Wondering what is being paid now for leases, and what company’s? Thank you

I have no idea what these areas are leasing for now or even if leasing is going on since the price of oil is so low.

Any news about if T10N33 is producing or T11NR33E?