Three Span Oil and Gas Mitchell/Scurry County's Texas

Hello Y’all,

We are about to close on a lease deal for the NW/4 section 1 Block 13 H&GN Ry. Co. Survey Mitchell & Scurry Counties Texas. Terms are:

$350 pnma 1/4 royalty three year term

Only hold-up is the lease. Our attorney is reviewing it to make sure were not getting too screwed. The lease from my perspective looks ok. Not to bad from a Company not willing to be “amenable” to negotiating lease language.

Though ya’ll might want to know the current leasing negotiations for this area of Texas.

Thanks for sharing, Rick! Block 13 or 3? I see a permit going through the East side of that section if Block 3, and the plat looks like it includes the NW4 :smiley:. Congrats on the lease and the likely future well!

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