Three New Wells in Sanpete

I noticed on the Utah OGM site that Elkhorn & Skyline are drilling 3 new wells in 15S 3E. They were spudded on April 7. This is the same section where Skyline drilled the Moroni well, which is now a shut-in well, but has produced over 27,000 barrels of oil. Am I correct in assuming that the purpose of these wells are for production?

Nanette, is this area you are asking about between fountain green and fairview? I have 40 acres of rights up there. Thanks

It is just east of Moroni. I recently visited the site recently and they were putting up an oil rig. They had also added some new oil storage tanks, so I believe the total now is 14. I found some info online that says they plan to drill 3 new wells at the same place.
We have some oil rights about 5 miles northwest of there and some about 2 miles southeast. It is looking promising.
If you check on google maps, you can see the site. It is maybe a quarter of a mile directly east of the Moroni Middle School.

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Yup! Looks like they’re supposed to be oil wells, very similar to the Moroni 11M-1107 well. Interesting!

Nanette, Thank you so much for the detailed information. Have you leased out you property and if so who did you lease it to? My property has not been leased yet.

Hi James,
I haven’t leased yet either.

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