This well drilled for injection/disposal

Some outfit called Peyote Water put a disposal well on my location Block C8 Section 25.

Is is labled as "THIS WELL DRILLED FOR INJECTION/DISPOSAL ( 03/08/2012 05:10:27 PM ) "

What does this mean? I suspect its an injection well for the other well located in C8 section 25 on the NE/4.

More imprtatnly - How does this bode for any future "real" wells being placed on the NW/4 of block C8 Section 25. Are the lease owners in NW/4 screwed for any future wells that actually produce something?

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

Kreg -- the Roy Bean SWD #1 well is a water disposal injection well (I suspect 'SWD' indicates 'Salt Water Disposal'). It's permitted to a depth of 7,600', well above the producing intervals of Wolfbone (Trend Area) wells being drilled SW/S/SE of Pecos. Probably a dozen or so 'SWD' wells have been drilled in Reeves the last several months... a sign water is being produced along with the oil, which must be separated and disposed of... in this case injected into an upper zone that will accept the water and prevent it from harming other operations.

I don't see how it negatively affects the prospects for other wells on the lease. Hope this helps... Later -- Buzz

Your right Buzz.. I doubt it will effect the production zone.

It's almost funny - we've been praying for a well... we got one...just not the right type..