This Time Last Month

Last month through the 12th, there had been 23 entries in the RRC permitting section. It was the busiest month since the Wolfbone phenomena began.

So far this month?

31 entries.

Also, this week there were 40 active rigs in Reeves, 71 in the Reeves, Loving Ward County region.

Looks like activity is getting even hotter in Reeves County.


Thanks, can you share the RRC link(s) that contains this information.

Just nominate which county in the box (top right) and make sure that you put a start (submitted date) and end date at the bottom right, then hit submit.

If there is an API symbol on any permit you might open, it will take you to a page that has a map of the location

Stephen/Kenneth -- that site has been down for maintenance all morning and has come back up in a different format that is unworkable. It is usually a very trustworthy site, so it will be repaired soon. Sun-2/12 @ 2:00p CT. Later -- Buzz

January had 62 entries, but this was surpassed in Feb when there were 64 entries in Reeves County permits.

It keeps getting better, or so it would appear.