This look suspicious, anyone know of this company?

I received the following while on vacation. I have no idea who these guys are and what they are pushing. I don’t click on links I know nothing about from unsolicited email.

Who is NextEra/FPL ?

NextEra/FPL APIN (Accounts Payable Invitation No)

Dear SCRUGGS FAMILY TRUST (Vendor No xxxxxxxx),

Here’s your APIN. You’ll be able to view invoice and payment status once you create a user id here: NextEra/FPL Supplier Portal

You’ll need the following for this one time setup:

  1. your company’s USA Tax Id (as shown on your IRS Form W-9),
  2. your company’s Zip (as shown on your IRS Form W-9),
  3. your APIN: xxxxxxxx (this APIN expires after 45 days).

We’re sending this as you’re one of our account contacts. We hope you’ll benefit from having current and historical information at your fingertips.

If you are a landowner or vendor through one the following divisions of our business, please disregard this email: Trinity Operations, NextEra Energy Marketing (NEM) AKA Power Marketing Inc (PMI), NextEra Energy Resource (NEER) - Renewable Energy Projects.

Sincerely, Integrated Supply Chain NextEra/FPL

Florida Power & Light is owned by Next Era which is a legitimate company. There is a warning on NextEra website about scammers targeting their 3rd party existing and prospectiver suppliers. Lists 14 domains which are known scammers. So bad idea to open that notice.


Nextera is the parent company of Trinity, who operates a lot of wells in eastern Oklahoma.