This company is impossible to do business with!


I sure hope that no one out there has to do business with Gallery Petroleum. I’m just being honest! These people speak broken English at best,& have trouble understanding anything that is spoken to them. Getting in contact with them ,or getting them to respond to you is almost impossible! And getting your oil royalties sent to you takes YEARS…& when you finally get a check…it isn’t even close to being what is rightfully owed to you! I am 50 years old…& this is BY FAR the most difficult group of people that I have ever tried to do business with! I do not speak Chinese…& they know very little English! In all actuality,I believe they know more than they let on! They use the language barrier as an excuse to delay sending you a check,& then pretend as if they don’t understand when you complain that the check was short! I sent a copy of all the emails & correspondence to my lawyer,& he agrees with me! If you can steer clear of this company…DO!!! It’s been a nightmare for my family!!! Kelli