Thinking of Selling ORRI in Converse County

I actually posted a couple times in the Comments section but thought this might be a better spot. This has to do with some overriding royalty interests in northwest Converse County owned by my brother & my son. One or both of them may want to sell & have asked me to research it since none of us has any experience. So I posted on this forum to pick all your brains.

First I wanted to thank Mr. Briggs for his suggestion. I may contact Boulder.

Just in case anyone's interested, I got in touch with EnergyNet and received a very prompt response. They seem to have a firm handle on this type of transaction and they gave me a range of expected values.

Also of interest is the fact that within a couple days of posting my question here I was contacted by other companies who would like to send offers. So this little forum has some surprising clout!

So here are my two newest questions...

With oil prices so low, is this taken into account when offers are made? A couple of firms have suggested that the price would be a multiple of the average monthly income which, of course, would be a lot higher if oil prices were higher.

Second, also of interest to the buyers is possible future wells. In this case, there are two or three wells that have been approved within the last six months, but drilling has not been scheduled yet. Would it be reasonable to assume that they are waiting to pull the trigger until prices go up?

Thanks again! I'm really having some fun learning about all this.

Jeff, if you are planning to sell your mineral interest, I would ONLY do it through Energynet. You will receive the best possible price from screened and solid buyers in a secure transaction.

There are some scam purchasers out there, and some of them troll this forum for suckers.

One of them offered me an outrageously high price for my minerals, but they had a clause in their contract that they reserve the right to reduce the price if they determine the value of the minerals is less than their offer. They wanted me to sign and notarize the sales contract and send it to them BEFORE they would pay me. Do you understand this scam?

Not everyone would do this of course, but why take the chance? Go to the professionals (Energynet) for a professional and SAFE transaction. It's worth every dime, and what they charge is a good deal for what they do.

Good Luck!