They Finally Did It

Well, the O&G company finally sent my Quarterly Reports to me. However, they were not the originals, but xerox copies. When I inquired where were the originals, their Attorney replied that, "Accounting lost the originals." I find that to be very odd that, except for these two Reports, I've always received original Report copies.

Sounds 'original' since the operator is probably Chesapeake.


Clint Liles

Oh my goodness, you're brilliant!!!!!! I was told that the law does not require them to send the original copies. So, xerox copies are just fine. My question though is, if there were no originals, how were they able to make copies??????????? Even the Sworn Statements were copies.


If the operator was Chesapeake I wouldn't believe a word of what they say...ever.

Clint Liles

It's become a cat and mouse game.

It's a a shame that some of these huge companies would literally steal, with hold the truth, etc., the money that they know that the land owner rightfully owns. But there is a saying that goes, "We reap what we sow." Whatever kind of seeds that we plant, they will come up. I guess that they've gotten away with so many schemes against the poor that they think they will be able to treat people like this forever. Seems like they learned nothing from Enron or other companies before them that mistreated so many folk.

I've read horrible stories about how some of the landowners have been treated. They have been tricked badly. These people have very little, yet some of these companies seem to take pleasure in literally taking away the resources that rightfully belong to these folk. How do they sleep at night? How would they feel if it was them? Would they want to be treated the way that the land owners are treated? Don't they know that when they press a dying pillow, their money will not be able to help nor save them? Have they sold they souls in exchange for money? It's as if they have no conscience.

Oh well, on Monday, I'll start playing the game with this particular company again of trying to get them to give me what they know that they owe me. If they did it willingly, I'd probably faint, lol, cause I'm so used to them dealing with me dishonestly, lol. If it wasn't so serious, it would almost be comical.

Have a good weekend Clint.

Hooray for DFW Airport:

Good luck LN..............

Clint Liles



just kidding!

Hello John,

I detest crooks, liars and thieves.

BIG SMILE................

Clint Liles

Why would a company change their business entity from inc to llc but still send out reports that list them as inc? Also, the LDNR sent a letter to me & a company telling them that as of 2009, they had not did the unit survey. So how are they able to calculate the landowners decimal interests? Isn't this what determines how much money the landowner will be paid for their natural gas?