Theft by State of Arkansas of leased mineral rights

Back around 1944 my grandfather owned property that were in binding leases with Sun Oil for oil and natural gas. My grandmother contacted President Eisenhower at the time of his death because she could not get an attorney in Little Rock, Ar to even bother with the case. Fast forward, my father has tried and now my brother and I are attempting. It appears the State of Arkansas severed his legal ties to his leases with no legal cause. I have read and understand Arkansas mineral rights laws and it clearly states that the state cannot severe leases if the person leasing the land was receiving royalty payments, he was, and the leases were intact, they were. I understand at the time it was a free fall going on and Arkansas did what they wanted with peoples mineral rights, but their mineral rights laws are very clear. My grandfather stated before his attempt to acquire an attorney and eventually his sudden death, that the State of Arkansas could not severe his mineral rights. Wells are still pumping and natural gas is still being extracted. Any suggestions? I have noticed in this forum there appears to be the similar theft on individuals parts, but without intact leases. Also, my grandfather's leases were recorded on his deed.

I don't have all the answers to your questions, but found the part about granny contacting Ike interesting. Did he take her call? It reminded me of a story Jimmy Carter told to Jay Leno once. He said that Elvis called him one time wanting a favor. Elvis had some friends who had gotten in trouble with the law. He called Peanut Jimmy, or President Carter, and sought his help. Carter did take his call, explained the concept of a presidential pardon, but in the end told Elvis there was nothing that he could do.

Yes President Eisenhower did appoint an attorney, but died before anything could be done. The attorney did tell my grandmother that you'll get it back someday! Like most attorneys they want a quick pay day and run. I am sure most were paid off or something of that nature. There have been several attempts, but either attorney's hold the deeds forever with the intention of solving the matter or it appears to be over there head. Hell I've done more than most idiot attorneys who have passed the bar!

Your grandmother sounds like a remarkable woman. She went straight to the top and got someone to listen to her. With her genes, and your never say die attitude, maybe you will one day find the resolution that you are seeking. I am afraid it is over my head as well.

It's o.k. It usually is over someone's head! Thanks regardless!

Sounds like you need to find a very experienced oil and gas attorney in Arkansas.

Unfortunately there is no such attorney in Arkansas. My father attempted with several attorneys more than twice and one never did anything but sat on the deeds and the other spouted some lame and even untruthful dialogue about Arkansas law. I have read the law, which some attorney's never think people(laymen) will do and they all lie about "well the state can do this or that." Look we are not in a society that a state can just severe legal binding contracts and Arkansas law states it clearly. My grandmother tried for years to find an attorney up until her death six years ago age 96. I took upon myself to read the law pertaining to mineral rights and it clearly states Arkansas cannot severe mineral rights if the person is receiving royalty payments, he was, and if the land was leased already, and it was to Lyon Oil. So I am angered, yet not surprised by the lack of Arkansas attorneys being capable to simply state the same facts I have read and understood. It would be different it there were no paper trails or recordings to the facts, but there are. Thanks for your reply!

There are several attorneys on this message board. I would suggest contacting some of them. Wade Caldwell was very supportive of an issue I had.

Thanks so much Mr. Kitchen, I will give him a try! The problem always comes back to someone really having to work at it. So far to find an attorney whom actually wants to WORK without a quick payday is almost impossible and that is why we fast forward to today and we are no closer than when my grandfather died. Thanks Again!

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