Theft and fraud case law by 3rd party in Texas

I’m looking for any case law in the last 20 years in Texas that specifically deals with theft, fraud and forgery in order to obtain title to a mineral estate by a third party individual. Also trying to determine the state statutes that cover theft of mineral estate. Thanks for your help.

Thanks Clint. I did see this in my research, however, in my particular situation there has been no conveyance recorded since the original lease was signed in 1955.

Are you aware of which statutes of fraud or theft might apply and if there are any example trial court cases?

By any chance, would you be specifically referring to Fort Bend county?

No Sir, can’t help you there.

I suggest you contact Patrick Flueckiger under the Attorney category for a free consultation and go from there.

Good luck

No, this is Cooke County, north of Dallas.

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