The Wilcox Sands?

Would someone please explain this formation to me?? Our property is just on the edge of the Eaglesford and the Wilcox.. Have no idea which exactly we are over.. Any help much appreciated.


K cheshul

where is your property located? The wilcox sand around Hallettsville starts at about 8,000 ft and goes down to about 12,000 ft . The E F shale starts at about 12,900 ft and goes down to 13,000 ft . The farther you go south out of Hallettsville the deeper the EF is down to 16,000 ft and is dry gas .

Yes maam, I may be of some help on page 44 of the "Cypress and Sanchez" blog on this same website, there some folks talking about the Wilcox sands in Lavaca cty. Ask Mr. Mike, Patrick, etc. for info they are quite learned in the oil business in our area. I have property near Hackberry/Oakland, the Wilcox is of great interest to me as well.

thank you.. we are ppast the end of cty rd 193 where it turns into cty rd 151. We are north west of H-ville. Just wondering about our possibilities..Thank You both, Kit