The Ultimate O& G blog?

As a newbie, I'm always searching for information sources. I just ran across a great blog that was oriented primarily toward the Bakken play but has expanded to other O & G areas. Not only are the posts interesting and timely, but the author, Bruce Oksal, has put in an incredible amount of effort to assemble a huge list of relevant links. Check it out at:

I agree. For those interested in the Bakken play it is a very good resource with a wealth of information.

I also agree that this site is worth the time to check out. I actually visit this site on a daily basis and have for the past couple of years. If you are interested in a particular operator, you can google in the name at the top of the page on this website and find any information that Bruce may have commented on. Also, I check the updated price of oil on a daily basis via this website. All should take advantage of this incredible information as there is something new everyday.

Andy, We need something like this for the Woodford, btw you got a typo in the link.