The Time Has Come To

The Time Has Come To …

Bid farewell to our 100 year old family trust. It feels like losing an oft talked about, but never yet met, very important, imperial family member.

Expectations can or can’t be realized based on speculations or fact, causing some decisions to fall short of that ever reaching grasp to attain “what’s best for everyone” bec rarely can everyone be satisfied with the result, even tho being very grateful for it, too.

That’s the gist of a Trust, joy and sadness on the final date of it’s nonexistence in the lives, however old or young, of each family member who invested in it nothing tangible, only a hope for something better than the past, to enhance the present and the future’s more fulfilling enactments in their lives.

So goodbye Old Cuss, Bushwhacker, Bob’s Bountiful Trust name, as you ride off into the sunset astride your new owner’s claim.

I love it!