The Rome Trough in Johnson County

The ROME TROUGH in Eastern Kentucky. 16 different oil and gas plays are in the various depths and shales of the trough.

"Junior Jenkins, Geologist, ABARTA Energy, echoed a similar sentiment for the Conasauga-Rome Trough play in eastern Kentucky. “The Conasauga-Rome Trough is a play in its infancy. Not a lot is known about the Cambrian age plays. There has been some analysis, which has kicked off interest. In addition, there was some historic production that opened the door and shows potential. The data is sparse here, but intriguing. Plus the area is fairly friendly to the industry.”

"Greg Floerke, Senior Vice President, NE Region, MarkWest Energy Partners, also spoke of Kentucky and talked about a vertical well drilled in Ashland, Kentucky in 1985 with a vast reserve. However, more test wells are needed for additional information. The state is hopeful that in the next decade development will grow into that area. A benefit of this area for potential produces is that regulations tend to be easier in Kentucky"

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Map of the Rome Trough as it sweeps across eastern KY from WVA between the Kentucky River Fault System and the Rockcastle River Fault System: