The Promised Land

Just curious - has anyone seen the movie "The Promised Land" with Matt Damon - just recenlty released. Many of the questions/comments in the movie reflect the discussion language here. It was not an uplifting scenio on land leasing/mineral rights etc. Your thoughts?

I haven't seen the movie but remember that... it's just a movie. Movies have been a vehicle to push political agendas before and this one is probably no different. Plus it is a movie... a lot of dramatization has been known to happen in a few of them.

Here is the URL to an excellent essay about fracking. The article also discusses a documentary that was financed through contributions to

FrackNation will be shown on Mark Cuban's cable station AXS TV on January 22nd at 9 pm EST.

The essay also cites a report from New York state that was suppressed during the last election about the safety of fracking.

Most of us on these forums have done our research and seem to understand what fracking is and is not. Please share these resources with others who have not heard or read this.