The oil well completion process

Hi…I own mineral rights in Weld county Colorado. There are 8 new wells drilled but nothing to indicate that they are being “finished”. Isn’t this the most expensive part of the process? I keep checking the GIS to see if any fracking has occurred. What determines whether the company will complete the processes and does it happen that the drilled locations would be abandoned and remain unfinished? They are in 63W 11N Section 18. There are 3 wells that were completed at a previous time that are producing. Thanks

It’s a little unclear, from the COGCC website, but I don’t believe those wells have actually been drilled, other than to have surface casing set, which is a preliminary step. The operator, HighPoint Resources has been slowing down lately so I don’t know when they might move back in and drill these wells.

Thanks for taking time to check, Steve. I think there is a spud date listed for each well but am a little unclear as to whether that means drilling is complete. I’ll keep checking.

A spud date listed on the COGCC is the date at which the operator filed a notice of plans to spud the well - said another way, intent to spud the well. If a well is completed (the most expensive part of the process) and fracturing has occurred, a filing on FracFocus can be found. It’s possible Highpoint does not complete these wells for some time given the production results of the three producing wells in that section.

This is the Spud Notice from the COGCC for one of the wells. Note how it says “Surface Hole Only” on it. There is one just like this in each of these wells’ files, but nothing else so far.

401835345_approved (2).pdf (90.5 KB)

Thanks for clarifying. I assume you are correct about the production from other wells in that section. Or maybe they are waiting until after production slows down in adjacent section. But thanks for looking into that…the COGCC system has a very slow response!