The future of gas/oil mineral right acquistion outside of the hot areas and in Custer Co?


I’m interested to hear what industry folks and mineral owners think about Custer Co and future opportunities to sell any rights in the next months? It seems we’ve been on the edge of the pie for a while now and all the interest continues to be in other counties. Used to get lots of letters in the mail from companies looking to acquire rights, but not so much lately, and price per acre is decreasing. Has it fizzled out? Considered selling but now not so sure. Maybe it’d be better to hang on for a few years?


There are about 30 new well permits in Custer in 2018. About 36 new ones in 2017. Depending upon the geology and the operator, things are moving ahead in the county.


Continental just completed our well that they started drilling about 1.5 years ago at 3-14N-15W… just got our first check and division order.


Thank you! Good to know!