Does anyone have any information on the status of the recent assignment of 'wells drilled' to EXCO by Chesapeake? I contacted EXCO last week and was told no one has yet been assigned to handle Dimmit County. Were all the wells involved in the sale temporarily 'Shut-In' pending EXCO getting a handle on their newly acquired assets?

I just received my consent to assign letters yesterday. Two of my wells have been shut in within the last few months, which they both were producing. We were told by Chesapeake that one well has permit problems (my response - Why? it has been producing for months, no answer from them), second well they said gas pressure down due to offset wells and needs an artificial lift system. Other operators have told my that they could have put on a pump pretty quickly and doubled production, so I believe they were shut in due to this assignment. I would love to get rid of Chesapeake, but I'm not signing my right now, due to numerous reasons. First, the way Chesapeake's assignment reads they are trying to assign acreage in my lease that has terminated due to their stopping the continuous drilling and of which I have requested a release starting back in Nov. 2012, with numerous reminders and I have not received as of today. Second is lawsuit that Exco has settled out of court for 23.5 million for underpayment of gas royalties in Oklahoma (2012)., May be a case of trading one bad company for another.

I received a certified letter from Exco Operating Company, LP regarding “short mast installation on existing approved well pad(s) Dimmit, Frio, LaSalle and/or Zavala County, TX”. The letter was received yesterday on work to occur on or before 9/1/13.