The Duke 24-13 9N 5W

Has The Duke 24-13 9N 5W been completed? Has Roan worked out agreements with other drillers in the section? Not a lot of information that I can find. Thanks for any help.

Also, can anyone explain what Cause CD. No 201804604, Order No. 694719 means when it reads–

Item 8: Allowable: If the well is an oil well, a 160-acre oil allowable as established by geological and engineering exhibits filed in the cause. All gas wells on the unit will share a singles-unit gas allowable for said common sources of supply.

This well is producing. Dec 18- 18,566 BO. Jan 19- 16,896 BO. No gas reported yet.

Item 8 is nothing more than legaleeze. Nothing for you to be concerned about. The well will be produced on a 640 acre unit basis.

Todd M. Baker

Thank you, Todd! Another question. If we are HBP, will we still receive a Division Order for signing?

Royce: Once they get the title opinion worked up, they will issue division orders. That generally takes 4-5 months so you will probably see them around May or June and will be effective with 1st production.

Todd M. Baker