The Company name has changed on my lease but I never agreed to it?

I signed a lease with XTO in 2012 and since then I receive division orders that I agreed to . XTO pooled my lease in a 969 acre unit and gave me the information on 1 well . The well began producing gas in 2015 and all together has produced 14,005,606(mcf) of natural gas . It states in the deed that “all heirs are to receive an undivided 1/3 interest each of all their present interests in and to all of the oil,gas and other minerals in and under and which may be produced from the described land” My original lease states that I am to receive an undivided 1/5 part . All together I have received 4 checks totaling less than $100 . I just received a check a few weeks ago which was the 1st one since 2018. When I looked on the Shelby County Clerks public records search I found an exact duplicate of the lease I signed with XTO except instead of it saying XTO , it says Ellora Energy Inc. and I could not find a copy of my original lease anywhere in the records . I have never done any type of business with Ellora Energy Inc. They have 2 wells on the survey land where I own mineral interest . Can you please help me to figure this out ? Thank You Much

Exxon purchased Ellora Energy Inc in 2010 per article below. Its address is ATTN LAND MANAGER LOC 115, 22777 SPRINGWOODS VILLAGE PKWY, SPRING, TX 77389 and Phone 8326243625. This is the address of Exxon’s campus. XTO is also a wholly owned subsidiary of Exxon. You can contact Ellora to see if you should be included in the other wells. Exxon Mobil Acquires Ellora Energy | Mergr

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Thank you very much for your reply. I have a couple of more questions I would like to get your opinion on if it’s alright with you. Was it legal for the companies to change the name of the company that I signed the lease with before they filed it ? When I signed the original lease in front of a notary the company name was XTO but now, the company name is Ellora Energy Inc. and on the last page of the lease the company name XTO Energy Inc. was scribbled out with a pen and hand written Ellora Energy Inc.

Leases and wells are bought and sold all the time. Standard lease forms are fully assignable. Unless you had a special Consent to Assign clause in your lease, there’s really nothing you can do.

What is a Consent to Assign clause?

It is written in the lease that it can’t be assigned without the Lessor’s consent. Pretty uncommon, in my experience.

As stated previously, both Ellora and XTO are subsidiaries of ExxonMobil now. Ellora is the operator on our older, shallower wells. XTO usually the deeper Haynesville wells. Payment of our Ellora wells are included on our XTO check.

You indicated you hadn’t received checks for several years. Operators typically pay annually if under $100. Was the well shut-in? If so, did you receive shut-in payments?

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