Thanks for letting me in the group

Well here it is people, I really need help! I'm the landowner, mineral owner, of the NW quarter section 32 township 13n range 1w. I haven't signed a lease, a division order, yet. It's been 40 years and I haven't been paid yet. Koch industries, plains marketing pipeline have really done it this time. How do I get my money? Please can I see?

Johnny .. How do you know they owe you any money if you haven't signed a lease yet? Have they drilled on your property? Give everyone a little more details, like where your minerals are located, etc.

You will find this website and its people are one of the best sites insofar as being able to ask and search for the questions you have. Have you looked under 'Groups' to pull-up and join your 'County Group', yet?

Oh wow, I just found all information on my well, I’m the powerful man in the world, if any one that has interest in Pottawatomie co, Lincoln co, Oklahoma co, I mean basically, Oklahoma City, I will help you, I’m the one that owns the Lucile Addition

So, let me guess, you just happened to stumble across some 'old dusty deeds', laying in a half moth eatened pile of all of your Oklahoma wealth, is that it? lol


Sounds like you have many legal issues that need to be unraveled. It wasn't clear whether you are dealing with unpaid royalties, a pipeline easement or trespass. Probably should have an attorney review your situation.

These companies should be tired of being in court rooms, it’s the same thing! Everytime! Underpayments, division orders wrong, I mean violation after violation,