Thank You

I want to openly thank Clint Liles for his assistance on a recent question I posted in The

Forum concerning activity in Robertson county. I tried to make a reply to your response

but I was not sure it went thru. So, "thank you very much". When I post an article for the

discussion group, and send it, I never know that it has been sent until I see it later in the

discussion. It is the same with a reply. A new person in the forum can't be sure

what's happening or what to do to post or reply. What is the correct procedure to post and

to reply to a reply of that post?

Thanks to anyone who "replies".

wr gordon

Hello William,

I checked the discussions area of Robertson County Group and did not see your post. I saw where you had joined the group. Don't give up, keep trying and you'll get it right. And I'm glad that I could help you in the past. If you have other questions please ask and I will try to help.

When posting always remember to click on SEND or ADD REPLY.

Friends request sent...

Clint Liles