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Curious if anyone has information on on Badger 709 c. My mother is from this area and was given some mineral rights for it from a family that help raise her. I am trying to educate myself and her on what to expect and previous experience. Thank you!

Good Morning Travis. The permit for the Badger 709C was approved only 2 weeks ago(April 23, 2018). I'm fairly sure the drilling has not started yet.

Clint Liles

Wow thanks so much for the quick response! Trying to obtain some of this information is quite difficult! Hopefully it hits some premium grade product and she can finally not have to work so much!

Travis this link is to production data on Badger 709 that is close by Badger 709C.|2=03|3=2017|4=02|5=2018|103=70488|6=O|102=8A|8=specificlease|204=district|9=dispdetails|10=0

Clint Liles

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Thanks MR. Liles I have gotten some more information and was curious if you had some insight on our situtation. We have the W2 section 711 Block D also the NW/4of the NE/4 and the SE/4of the NE/4 of section 713. Is there a way to check and see what rigs sit on this project so I can track them. Would normally just be patient and just wait for check, but having some family medical issues and need to see if this will be the answers to our prayers! Im sure you are busy and have spent many years acquiring this information so thank you!

Travis, in the W/2 of Section 711 there is an approved location for well API 501-36940. At this time I do not see a spud notification(begin drilling date) I did check the surrounding area and there are some good oi/gas combination wells in the area. Clint Liles


Hey Travis…I forgot to include the GIS map of Section 711/713/Block D:


I’m struggling to understand what this means.