Texas RRC and Possible Examples of How To Search Their Databases

Recently, I have spent some time learning the various data files on

the Texas RRC Site.

Would some example of how to search and displays of the results

be helpful to anyone here?



Hey, yeah, David!

I just mostly go to the W-1s.

thanks, from the panhandle.


Thanks for offering to post examples of Texas RRC data. I'm sure it will be much appreciated by many Forum Members on this Great Forum. And thanks for taking your time and effort for others.

Clint Liles


This would be a great help, especially if someone had the time and patience to post how to videos on how to do various type of searches. Trying to explain these in posts or finding links is time consuming, and there used to be a great video one of our members posted on how to navigate the old RRC map viewer. I pointed many newbies to it.

Hello...yes please,

I just got ano offer for oil gas and mineral lease and more so very confused.

Any help would be awesome.

I put together a powerpoint on navigating the RRC. I'll find it and post. Please someone message me if I have not done so by the weekend. Thanks!

Yes include me in on this. Thanks,

Yes that would be very helpful

Not sure what RRC stands for but would this help find Minerals owned by past Relatives ?

Railroad Commission of Texas regulates oil and gas wells and production and maintains related reporting, among other responsibilities set by state law and legislature. It has no responsibility for mineral ownershio records. You need to search the deed records in a particular county from your relative forward to determine title.

Tennis Diaz thanks. Here in Oklahoma they have a Mineral Owners Escrow for anyone not found and the money goes into a Holding account .

Texas have such an account setup ?

John, yes. Google Texas Unclaimed Funds.

I have accessed the Texas RRC web site link as follows: www.rrc.texas.gov

I am not aware of all information that has to be submitted to acquire the permitting for drilling a horizontal bore well across lease lines and even into another survey (i.e.) Deloris Sanchez Survey, Gregg County, Texas into the Davis Survey with property that is owned by Stone and production is being co-mingled in contrast to the already established prior to the drilling a Lease Contract that goes back many years and the drilling into another Lease in another Survey is not mentioned in the old Lease Contract.

Thanks Wade - I just saw your reply.

BTW - Does the RRC track or collect data

On producing wells if an owner has died after the well began production ?

The Texas RRC does not track owners or changes in ownership. It does track production but relies on operators to file the information.

Thanks Wade. It's the beginning of a better understanding of what information is available.

I tried to use it, but got very confused and gave up.

Shannon I noticed where you have joined the Panola County Group. Quite a bit of activity in Panola County at this time as several different companies are drilling for natural gas in the Cotton Valley Sand Formation and also the Haynesville Shale Formation. Some very good gas wells in this region. The RRC Commission website is not easy to navigate. If you will tell us the Section, Block or Abstract number we can check and see if there is any production or activity in the area of your minerals acreage. Some of the companies that are active in Panola County are Tanos Exploration II, LLC, CCI East Texas Upstream LLC, Rockcliff Energy Operating LLC, Sabine Oil and Gas Corp., Sheridan Production Co., and R. Lacy Services, Ltd.

Clint Liles

I don't know much about Panola County but, I see where you mentioned Tanos Exploration II , LLC, CCI. They drilled a horizontal bore well across lease lines and claim they don't pay according to surface property and have avoided my Oil & Gas Lease Contract with Dallas Production Inc, and according to Dallas Production Inc, they signed an agreement with Tanos, then they claimed they can cut my mineral interest to less than half it's value according to the Lease Contract. A good mineral interest attorney is Aimee Hess P.C. Streetman, Texas, toll free #: 1-888-818-5880.

Thank you Clint. My sister and I have mineral rights in these tracts: Elizabeth Lewis, Mary Strickland, LL Wedgeworth, Noah Snider & J. Story, H. G. Strickland, & Jos. Story. We leased one time to Devon some years ago, but they never did anything with it. My Mom inherited from my Aunt, but never got the title transferred to her name before she passed away. We had to do a probate on my Aunts’s half to get it in our name, but didn’t have the funds to get my Uncle’s half probated. It’s such a mess and I don’t know what I’m doing, but would really like to move forward and lease something because we could really use the income. We’re both on Social Security.