Texas Railroad Map View Help Please

I am trying to view the William Linn Survey, A-445 in Montague county and cannot get it to come up. I have been successful in looking up other locations with the site tool. Do some entries not come up periodically? I do not have the Abstract No. Thanks.

Put the survey name in like this: Linn, W but I don't see abstract 445 listed. I do see AB's 438, 442, 439, 441, 443, 437 and 1621.

thanks Moco. i have A-445 on the lease and on my personal documentation. no idea why 445 is left out on the map search. Thanks for the reply.

I have the property tax rolls for Montague County (the most current I have is 2012) and there is only one entry for AB445 listed - I know this is a different thing than you are looking at or for but I do find it interesting.

Any and all ideas appreciated. I signed the lease early this year and was wanting to look it up to see exactly where it is. I live in Okla and have very little experience with Texas mineral location and description. There must be some way to locate this survey, don't you think? Thanks Moco.

You might want to try the Texas GLO Maps.......here is the link - http://gisweb.glo.texas.gov/glomap/

although I didn't quickly find it there either - it has several search features that might help you. You might also want to call the Montague County Tax Appraisal District at 940-894-6011.........the Property ID Number is R000010944 and the Prop Geoid is 20445.0000.0000.0000 - these numbers are for the one tract listed on the tax rolls for the Linn, WM AB-445 - perhaps they can give you lat and long and you can look those up on the GLO map. Not being an expert, that's about all the info I can think of.

thanks so much for your effort Moco. i will look into your link and maybe even call. it's really no big thing but i am just curious why i can't find it. i may call also if the link doesn't get me there. i appreciate your help.