Texas Oil and Gas Lease Forms

Over the years, I have seen the most comprehensive oil and gas leases ever drafted…crafted by oil and gas attorneys for their respective major landowners.

I have taken the best of those lease forms and have blended them together for my own use. I am considering selling this definitive lease form to the general public, including law firms and land brokerage firms. I will also add other forms as well, Surface Use Agreements, Rights of Way Agreements, Division Order and Transfer Order Agreements.

My question is do you feel that a significant market exists for such forms? Over time, I will modify the form for use in other states – taking into account their conservation laws and special surface use requirements.

Hi Buddy,

That's what I'm looking for. In the meantime, do you have one you recommend? Is there such a thing as one you can fill in/edit online? I'm not a surface owner and I'm in Colorado.


Mr. Cotten;

The short answer is yes, a library of good solid documents for O&G operations is needed. It brings up questions in my mind how it would work. For example,

With a good legal document comes a lot of legal-eez wording that is difficult to understand for lay people like myself. An explanantion of what the terms mean and how they benefit me would be welcome. Or some ability to get an explanation, be it at an additional cost.

If I purchase a form from you, do I then own it? Can I give it to my buddy to use as well? I would think not, but how do you protect that?

If the Company I am dealing with wants to modify some of the terms, who does that? Must you get involved?

How does one get expert advice during the negotiation process?

How do you get the word out that this library exists? Advertizing here is a possibility, but how many people who really need those documents would know about this site?

I am sure I could come up with other questions if I tried, but this gives you a little feed back. And, I am sure you have already thought of this and have remedies in place.

I wish you well in this process.