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I'm new to TX mineral rights. Is there an easy way to figure out where wells from which you are receiving royalties, are completed, as in which formation? Is each well typically completed in one oil/gas producing formation, or can they be completed in 2 or more? Can you tell this kind of thing from the Railroad Commission's website? I know there's a lot of info on the RRC website but so far it's an impenetrable labyrinth to me....how does anyone find stuff on that thing?


The RRC site is complicated to a new user, which I was about three years ago. Here is a link that will give you a video of how to use their Production Data Inquiry http://www.rrc.state.tx.us/data/online/tour/index.php. To look up the drilling permit info you can search for a permit using a date range, date range with operator name, lease number, API #, county, and district. This section will have the plats of the well, formation that the well is to be drilled, along with other information. The link to it is: http://webapps.rrc.state.tx.us/DP/initializePublicQueryAction.do . To look up well completion information you will need Lease No., API No., or Drilling Permit No. the link to this area is: http://webapps.rrc.state.tx.us/CMPL/publicHomeAction.do , then "click" on the words "Completion Query". You can also call the RRC at (877) 228-5740 and ask them how to find what you are looking for, they usually will help you out a little. I hope this helps you some. If a well is drilled in more than one formation that is called a commingling permit and they file a P-17 Form. I do not have any knowledge about these types of wells or how to search them on the RRC site. Hopefully someone else will share their information with you and I can then learn as well. Good luck!

Have offer for mineral rights lease in Eastland County. Anyone know what is going on there. On TX shale maps, it doesn’t look to be part of the Barnett or Cline shale plays. Thanks!


Am posting a link to an approved permit for a well that I posted on Eastland County Oil and Gas Discussions on April 15, 2013. Scroll down the permit and view all the possible formations in Eastland County Texas. Dollberry Well # 1 API # 133-38196


I don't think you will find the Cline shale in Eastland County. Hope this helps.

Clint Liles

Thanks for your response Clint!

Just a question for anyone -- had a company lease about 68 acres for $14k/3 years from me, then drop the lease, they found oil but didn't chase it, haven't had much interest since and had an offer for $38k for a buyout, is that reasonable? Its in dawson county.

The Southwest Quarter (SW/4) of Section 17, Block 34, T-4-N, T & P R.R. Co. Survey, containing

160 acres, more or less


Question for anyone.

This is regarding O&G Royalties in Texas. My husband is one of several heirs to the Mineral Rights (NPRI) on some property in Eagle Ford Shale group. When he was first contacted to sign a ratification, we were sent papers that required both his signature and mine (spouse). The situation kept dragging on with permit delays, so we did not return the papers. Apparently they did finally get permits and started drilling 9 months ago, so yesterday out of the blue, we received a new set of papers, from a different land man, that now only require his signature and not mine. We are completely confused on the two sets of papers from two different land men, and two different requirements. There are also differences in WHO we are actually dealing with. the first set of papers designated Pioneer as holding the contract with the lessee, the newest set of papers do not designate WHO the lessee is contracted with. Hence we are not even certain WHO we are really dealing with. We live in a different state with different laws on such matters. Thank you in advance for any help in clarification.

Pipeline easement ( right-of-way ) Amounts-----Just read interesting article from The Texas Tribune dated June 18, 2014-----Title

" Pipeline Companies Paying More to Cross Private Land.


Elizabeth McCluskey

I have mineral rights on 100 acres in Angelina county. A few years ago, I was offered $5000 per acre for the mineral rights and turned it down. Now, things have changed and I am interested in selling the mineral rights. The company that offered is no longer around. Who do I contact in order to sell these mineral rights that is legit and would pay top dollar?

I have a really basic question. Back when there was a scarcity of oil and the requirement to add 10% ethanol was added to our gasoline even though it is known that it is not good for automobile engines and even voids the warranty in small four-cycle engines. Now that there is a glut of oil why isn’t the oil industry and minerals owners campaigning to eliminate the requirement to add 10% ethanol to gasoline. Wouldn’t that stimulate the demand for more gasoline?

Why hasn’t the oil industry and mineral owners lobbied to get the requirement either dropped or at least let the market place determine if they want to purchase ethanol blended gas or straight gas to run in their engines. I for one would be willing to pay more for straight gas, but I wager the cost increase would be negligible or non-existent considering everything involved in producing the ethanol and blending it, and the fact that you get more miles to the gallon from straight gas than the ethanol blended gas.

Now I know that the average person likes the cheap gas but going back to straight gasoline probably would be just as cheap as the ethanol blended gas, possibly even cheaper. It would stimulate the oil industry and definitely improve the downward spiral on oil price and the loss of jobs across the country.

Why have we not heard any mention of this from our state and federal elected representative – especially those representing Texas?

It would improve the production of corn for food. Being from Texas, I have little concern for corn-growers in Kansa for the production of ethanol which has to be subsidized to make it profitable.

So, what’s wrong with my questioning the wisdom of continuing the requirement to add ethanol to gasoline during this period of an over-supply of oil? Or, am I over-simplifying the situation? If so, I would be interested in hearing the other side of the argument to continue the ethanol/gas blend requirement.


I’m looking for a reputable landman in Reeves county to do research on 26 acres. Any recommendations?

Jennifer, Ron Lambson. 432-755-8671

Mr. Hamilton, What you are proposing is what should happen. All this BS started with Jimmy Carter in the late 1970's. He started the 55 mph speed limit and said "The World is running out of ENERGY"! It's the same kind of thing now with the EPA and Global Warming! Al Gore discovered Global Warming and Gore said he invented the Internet! People are staving to death and they are taking corn to make gasoline additives!

Vote Republican!


Linn Energy. Hello everyone I’m new to this group but not to the mineral rights forum. I’m looking for advice and anyone else who is experiencing the Lynn energy Bankruptcy. We have received a lot of paperwork that is very confusing.

I have 240 acres in DAWSON county for lease not sale, it is in block 35 section 2 T4N, contact me on here or at marc.rogers33@yahoo.com

Has anyone here done business with L3 Resources out of Houston? They called me wanting to buy mineral interest acreage; when I told them I'm not interested in selling they moved to wanting to lease. Their company info says they started business in 2014; would like to get some confirmation that they are on the up-and-up and not "flippers." Thank you in advance for a response.