Texas Jury Awards T. Boone Pickens $146 Million


A tribute to T. Boone Pickens

During my Amarillo days, (don't ask what took me to Amarillo), I ran the office for a very wealthy, independent landman, who in his earlier days discovered one of Hamilton Brother's largest fields. I believe it was in Canada. This landman was a close friend of T. Boone and his father.

One of my fond memories of living in Amarillo was attending some of the same parties as T. Boone. I can recall everyone moving around "hobnobbing" and talking O&G while Boone would be standing alone, away from the crowd, while leaning up against the wall with knee bent and highly-polished boot resting up against the wall. He never approached anyone to talk. They would come to him! He was so cool and suave and alluded confidence. He was a real character out of a Class A western movie.

I eventually left Amarillo, but got back on the T. Boone bandwagon when I heard about him buying west Texas water rights. He knew what was coming! I will always admire him for his forethought and business sense.