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My father passed away in 2014 and I inherited his minerals in Montague County TX - I have a lease from Merek Oil Company from 2010 but it does not give a Township and Range like in Oklahoma - It says 195 acres more or less in the Bell County Land Survey Block 61 and in Block 72 Abstract 940 and Block 61 abstract 7. - I tried many sites to locate the location etc and the deed but am having a hard time. Any suggestions?

Bell County (listed in the above description) is a long way from Montague County. Fortunately, Bell County Appraisal District is online and has an interactive map that displays abstracts and property IDs. Once you spot the Abstract number on the map, click on it with your mouse and a pop-up will reveal the address, property ID, Owner, and address. I found Abstract 940 in Temple, Texas; but there are quite a few abstracts in Bell County and the search is tedious.

Interactive Map – Bell CAD

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Jennifer,Bell County School Land(Bell CSL) is just a Survey name…here is a GIS(Geographic Information Survey) map from the RR Commission GIS viewer of your A-940 in Montague County Texas:


GIS map of your A-7 in Montague County Texas:


Use this link to find your minerals in Texas… https://gis.rrc.texas.gov/gisviewer/


Below are the Railroad Commission map of the areas you described. The Bell County Land Survey, Abstract 940 is in Montague County, and extends across the county line into Wise County.

Abstract 7, the Archer Survey, is on the north end of Montague County. Assuming these are the two areas where father’s mineral interest is located it would be unusual for them to be covered by the same oil lease.

If you haven’t searched there the deed records for Montague County can be accessed online through the County Clerk’s office.


You all are wonderful- I appreciate this so much! Very helpful- still confusing. I contacted Montague county today- but they were unable to locate the deed and suggested it may be in Wise county. I will contact them tomorrow. Here is the lease from MEREK- it is from 2010. It mentions both Montague and Wise County. In Oklahoma we have Section, Township and Range. The information in the MEREK lease is for a Warranty Deed- however Montague County has the lease on file for oil and gas. I tried to contact Merek Oil- they must not be in business any longer. Thank you again for all the leads. HECKENKAMP.PDF (178.3 KB)

Thank you so much! I am looking now.

Thank you so much- great information. I can’t believe you found this- I have worked most of the day and gave up. I really appreciate it.

Thank you! Many thanks for all the information- from this map it doesn’t look like there is anything active- and dad never received any royalties so it must not have ever produced.

I will call Wise county tomorrow to see if they can help me find the deed- love your profile photo! Great hat:)

Hey Jennifer…there is a producing well in the far SW corner of A-7 called the McNeill #1/Lease # 23270…an old vertical well drilled 40-50 years ago but still producing a little bit:


The operator of this well is GREAT AMERICAN RESOURCES, INC. Contact information:


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Jennifer this is a different map showing all the producing wells in A-940…shame on me…I forgot to put them in the other map above.


The producer/operator of the older vertical wells in A-940 is Bridwell Oil Co…The horizontal well producers and operators are EOG Resources, Inc., and Bedrock Production, LLC.




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Attached below should be the deed you were looking for. Not sure why Montague County couldn’t locate it.

The description of the five tracts that make up the 195 acres shows they are all in Abstract 940. You had original mentioned part being in Abstract 7 but it looks like that wasn’t right, so you can ignore the maps Clint and I sent showing A-7. It’s Abstract 940, that extends from Montague into Wise County, that you are interested in.

About 15 other Merek leases that look like they covered that same 195 acres were recorded at the same time as the lease you posted so I’m assuming your dad was one of several who owned mineral interest in those tracts.

It looks like Merek Resources was just a leasing company and later assigned a lot of the leases they acquired in Montague County to Pioneer Natural Resources.

Montague County - Vol 814, Pg 604.pdf (1.7 MB)

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Dusty, thank you so much for that information. I did have that deed, however we are looking for the mineral deed. In Oklahoma they have land and minerals divided- so you can look at a mineral deed and see who owns the minerals. I am the executor of the estate and am wanting to sell the minerals but have to divide the proceeds 3 ways amongst siblings. Is there a way to look up only mineral deeds in Texas?

No one in the county clerk’s office is authorized to practice law and give you a legal interpretation of the deed. The deed references “land” as it relates to the legal description and that is not the same as if it only transferred surface rights and excluded the minerals. The deed assigned 100% of the grantor’s right, title and interest in the real property, which would normally include both surface and mineral interests which were owned. The grantor may have owned different percentages of the surface and minerals. You need to trace the deed history backward to determine what the grantor owned at the time.

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