Texas comptroller

Im looking for division orders and how to get them. The last few times different companies have changed off Ive not recieved any notifications of them changing hands several times. Also several years back when my mother got older she didnt give a change of address. I tracked it all down and she did get the back payments that were held at the comptrollers office. After jumping thru hoops to prove ownership. But I happen to look on unclaimed money and found 37 more checks. Problem is im having to prove ownership all over again. I have all documents except for the division orders. Can any one tell me where to get one? Also Im a little concerned that division is varying from time to time. Thank you so much in advance for any advice or info

Welcome to the forum. The Division Orders come from the operators, so you will have to contact the Division Order department of each company. Start with the most recent as many may have gone out of business. They may want ttle documentation from your mom or any heirs.

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Thank you so much. Ill sure do that! These mineral rights have been in my family since 1946 at least thats as far as i looked. Ive had them for last 10 years. Never had any issues on receiving checks until now. Thank you again.

Two of the companies have phones that are disconnected. So Im assuming the address wont be good any more either. Any suggestions on how to collect those checks ?

You may have to make a list of all the companies that you have tried to contact in order to get the Division Orders along with the tract information as close as you can reconstruct. If you have any lease files or old Division orders from your mom, that might help. You can also try using www.Texasfile.com to find any leases under your mom’s name.

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Thank you so much ill do that. Ive been working 10 hr days and trying to do this in between so every bit of info helps thank you again.