Test Well Inquiry

Does anyone have any info on the Watts well in 15N-13W? I’ve understood this to be only a test well, does that mean they aren’t expecting this to produce anything? Any opinions on MI $/acre.

The Watts 1H0136X is permitted as a Mississippian and Woodford horizontal well. It spud recently and certainly looks like it could produce. There is quite a bit of activity in that township, so if you are getting sales offers, I would ignore them and the get the royalty instead. They will most likely produce out of the Woodford first to hold the lease since it is the deepest horizon. Then a later well will come back and drill the Meramec in the Mississippian. The word "test" is used quite loosely. It can mean many things. They will be running logging tools as they go through the Miss, to test it for the future well. Not a negative term in this case. The well spud in January, so probably no news until May, then depending upon the completion and first sales, division orders go out about five months after that. First check is about six months after first sales.