TEP Barnett is the worst

They bought out Chesapeake in the Barnett Shale some time last year. I filled out the direct deposit form and turned it in three months ago. I got an email Feb 22 stating I was getting a check. Never saw anything in the mail, and no ACH deposit. I called them a week and a half ago, and after sitting on hold for 30 minutes, I talked to someone who said that I was getting a paper check. I still haven't gotten a check in the mail. I have emailed them three different times and they will not reply.

Is there someone I can complain to? This is ridiculous.

We live in NW Arlington and we haven't got a check since last Jan. I'm not sure TEP even knows we are out here. I know they cut the production down on lots of the wells so unless it's over $100, they won't sent them out.

Read your lease. Some leases have a penalty for withholding royalties. The way these leases are traded and sold, it seems as some companies may not be abiding by this provision. Do they even bother reading them? When Jimmy Carter was president, mortgage interest rates were 13.5 per cent. Then a ten per cent penalty seemed fair. Given the current economic situation, it now sounds exorbitant. But if that is what is on the lease, that is what it is.


Thanks. I do have a shut in clauses and they will have to pay for it later this summer. I'm just waiting to see what TEP plans on doing.

We still have money coming from Chesapeake in 2 years for a settlement, hope we are able to get that. Today, oil companies don't care what interest they pay, they are just hoping to get by without doing anything except making themself money.

If the well is producing, then the shut-in clause will not come into effect. Look for a clause which states that you are due interest at specified rate for late payment of royalties.