TEP Anadarko Basin Excessive Post-Production Deductions, Non-responsive

Is anyone doing business with TEP Anadarko Basin.

They're charging us 42%+ in deductions. They do not respond to inquiries.

Anyone else seeing this? Have you taken action and did it work? If so, would you mind telling me what you did?

Thanks Greatly,

Melinda Wood

What did you sign?

Hi Tom,

I believe these are old wells that were picked up from Chesapeake, which means they are old leases signed either by my parents or my grandparents.

I did finally hear back from Land Opportune, to whom TEP Anadarko outsources accounting, land and other departments. They say the deductions have been corrected and they are waiting on permission from Titanium to refund the over-charges. We'll see if the deductions have been corrected when we get December's check.

We use a tool named Mineralsoft, which allows us to pretty easily see the deductions that are being withheld from each company with percentages calculated for each deduction and for the total deductions. If anyone is interested, we like Mineralsoft and I can get you in touch with the folks to talk to.

This is the second time I have posted a concern on Mineral Owner's Forum and had a company contact us after having previously having been rather unresponsive.

Happy New Year To All.