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I need to speak with a Driller in the Chattanooga area; can anyone recommend a company?

I'm specifically interested in one with Gas/Oil experience, and who has used a B.O.P. (blowout preventer) recently.

Miller Energy (Knoxville) is a good place to start. Don't know if they have been doing any drilling Chattanooga area but I do know that they have recently been doing horizontal drilling in the Mississippian section on the plateau.


My partner and I are looking to lease mineral acreage where there has been previous oil production.

Our objective is to use a variety of technologies to possibly restore oil production on the acreage.

Rock Man, thanks for the referral.

We've got an infill project that needs to be kicked off, and we were casting about deciding whether to "import" folks from Texas, Illinois, Indian a, or use the local talent.

Sorry about the lag getting back online, but the O&G business takes up more time than I'd allotted.

There are probably some Kentucky operators that would be of help but not sure of any specific companies.

Just remembered that another Knoxville company (Tengasco) as past experience in E Tennessee and other areas. They may be an option too.

Good luck!

I would be patient - in Texas, it takes 3-4 months for an operator to get division orders (i.e. who gets what) prepared and sent out for signature after production has commenced.

But if you don't hear anything at 6 months after production has started, I would start to get more assertive on communications with the operator.