Tenmile land offer

I got a letter from them today wanting to purchase my 1.59% mineral interest in 82.25 acre on pike fork, It was for $2,000. now im telling them no way, but just a question, do you all think this is close to fair offer or will I someday maybe see way more then this if it ever produces… it is leased.


Just my personal opinion… Tenmile / Chad Johnson is notorious for ripping people off, paying pennies on the dollar for parcels. I would avoid them like the plague, if one was wishing to sell, there are better companies to deal with.


WV, which companies would you recommend? I have some interests close to 5 net acres i think i need to sell. I have most in West Union District, but some in McClellan as well, what do you thinkis a fair price to expect? Your advise is much appreciated.

Unless you really need the Money, I would hold on,Lot’s going on in both Counties, besides, I would stay away from Tenmile.

I would also recommend holding on to your minerals. That said, I’ve helped plenty of people sell theirs. It makes sense for some people. When I’m discussing it with potential clients I usually ask them if they really need the money–is this cash going to make a significant difference in the way they live their lives, or is their financial situation pretty stable? If they’re in a good financial situation then I recommend that they hold on to them. Sometimes they’ll be old and have no heirs, and don’t want to provide for any charitable organizations in their will, so it makes sense to sell. Or the money will make it possible for them to accomplish a life goal or significantly upgrade something (remodel house) or just go on that dream vacation or pay off big debts or something. In that case, it makes sense to sell. Everybody’s situation is different.

Kyle, my mom is interested in giving her mineral rights in Doddridge and Ritchie County to her children. Is that something I can contact your office about doing?

Why doesn’t it show what the title exhibits??

Hire an elder care attorney that is either families with royalty property or will work with another lawyer that specializes in the oil and gas industry. Protect the royalty assets with an irrevocable trust. Sooner than later.

It’s been a while since I’ve gotten on here, but yes, we are usually processing several deeds a week for people in your exact situation.

Any offer Tenmile makes I would buy it for double or triple their offer (pending reasonable due diligence. Contact me.