Tenative Lease - Randolph County, West Virginia

My family and I own the mineral rights to 113 acres in Randolph County, West Virginia. A company wants to drill because they have a pipeline in the area. About 6 weeks ago I gave the company the names and addresses of all the heirs. The man was nice until I mentioned money. Then he said that this was not Marcellus, he owned most of the surface, and we could get no one else to drill it. He says he pays 1/8 royalty. I said what about the per acre lease? He said probaby $5 an acre and proceeded to tell me that maybe I had not located all the heirs. I later left a message and he has not called me back. If he drills the property without signed leases, is there any agency I can report him to because I can’t afford a lawsuit. He is a rich politician. Any advice would be helpful.